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Boyfriend Material
by Alexis Hall


““I was shaken and upset and I pulled away, and then I was too ashamed to pull back.” That sounded too familiar for me to be able to condemn it, even though I really wanted to.” (p. 421)


“...he gave me this amazing look, all dignity and vulnerability mushed up together - “I’m in love with you, Lucien. But it seems hardly adequate.”

… In spite of myself, I smiled. “You’ve forgotten my incredibly low standards.”

“I’ve still got a lot to figure out in this regard,” he murmured, “but you’ve helped me realise that, very often, standards are bullshit.”” (p. 423)

“I slipped my hand into Oliver’s and we sat for a while in silence. And I was pretty sure this was how love felt: fuzzy and scary and confusing and light enough to whisk you away like a Tesco’s bag on the wind.” (p. 425)

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