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You know how people say that the book was better when a movie is mentioned? Or maybe the TV show was actually better than the book. That's the premise of this website - though I'm not literally saying that the painting is better than the book was, more that the painting is a representation of the book.


My goal is to distill the emotional essence of the book into a painted image: sometimes, this is literal image from the book, and sometimes it is more abstract. It is the picture that is painted in my head as I experience the book.

Some of these books I loved, some I didn't. This project is not a commentary on quality or likability. For some of the books, I've added quotes that I loved; some of the books didn't have quotes that spoke to me in that way. But all of the books included created a visual of the emotional path I walked as I read them, and that's what this project shows.

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