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Just Haven't Met You Yet
by Sophie Cousens


“Mum used to tell me that objects hold memories. That the more owners an object had had, the more meaning that object possessed.” (p. 7)


“”Right, I’ve said my piece.” Dee blinks. “This conversation isn’t passing the Bechdel test, so let’s talk about something else.”” (p. 25)


“”Do you think it’s possible to be a romantic and also a emonist?” I ask, my eyes drawn back toward the foaming waves.

“Of course it is.”

“Because sometimes I feel conflicted; like I want to stand up to the patriarchy but I’d also quite like to be in love and have a boyfriend.”

“... It’s about having the right to choose - you can choose to put on a pinny and be a fifties housewife if you want, you can choose to travel to Peru and join a commune or enlist in the space program and be the first woman on Mars. You can live how you like; but the point is we should have the chance to choose, not get railroaded into a role society dictates for us.”” (p. 106)


“...the question is only - ‘What are you doing with your life today?’ I think I told you my philosophy is not to look too far back, or too far ahead.”” (p. 216)


“”I think when you’re young, your parents feel infallible,” says Ted, “people who have all the answers. Then gradually you notice a few chinks, and it crosses your mind that occasionally they might be wrong. Then one day, you look at them, and you realize they’re just the same as you - cobbling it together, with no real clue.”” (p. 253)


“”That watery horizon is a spirit level for the soul,” says Gerry. “When you look at it for long enough, it puts life straight again.”” (p. 282)


“”Well,” - Monica sighs - “maybe life’s more about carving out happy chapters than finding a single happy ending.”

She’s right, it can’t all be about where it ends, and as I look across the car at her, I decide Aunt Monica isn’t the least bit mad.” (p. 305)

""Some people bring out the parts of yourself you like the most," he says. "I like the version of myself I am when I'm with you."
"I know what you mean. I feel the same, like I don't have to filter myself around you. I'm not sure if this raw version of me even existed before."
"She was always there," says Ted. "You just hadn't met her yet."" (p. 341)

""Objects only hold the meanings we give them."" (p. 362)

"Tiger Woman on obligation. As women, we spend so much of our lives feeling obliged. Obliged to show up when we say we will, obliged to turn up with a smile, obliged to tell everyone, "I am fine." But obligated is just another word for oppressed. The only person you are obligated to is yourself." (p. 310)

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