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Just Last Night
by Mhairi McFarlane

“Someone once said to me birth was the most ordinary and extraordinary thing you’ll ever experience, simultaneously, and death is the same. The fact of yours sits there, implacably, being so banal and so mind-blowingly strange at the same time.” (p. 3)


“...some people are intolerable, and life requires you to tolerate them, and there’s only two ways of releasing the pressure. One, letting loose at the individual winding you up, or two, bitching mercilessly behind their back. Option two might not be assertive or noble but it has a lot less impact on the social contract.” (p. 14)


“There should be a German word for both dying to know something and, at the same time, being sick with terror at the prospect of hearing anything about it whatsoever.” (p. 193)

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