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One Last Stop
by Casey McQuiston


“Truth is, when you spend your whole life alone, it’s incredibly appealing to move somewhere big enough to get lost in, where being alone looks like a choice.” (p. 13)


“...August learns that the Q is a time, a place, and a person.” (p. 38)


“There’s something about having a stop that’s hers when she spends most days slumping through a long stream of nothing. There was once an August Landry who would dissect this city into something she could understand, who'd scrape away at every scary thing pushing on her bedroom walls and pick apart the streets, like veins. She;s been trying to leave that life behind. It’s hard to figure out New York without it.” (p. 38)


“It makes August feel tested and powerful and capable and admired - basically the whole list of things she’s spent twenty-four years trying to figure out how to feel.” (p. 410)

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