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Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas


I’m…stunned, after reading this one. If book 4 sets everything up, this is when everything goes down and straight to hell (often literally). When I think of the story arc so far, books 1-5, what impressed me most is the political scheming and detail, and how this plays into major plot events. I also found that this book felt less YA and more NA, which I think is a reflection of the author’s own journey in writing these books. I can feel how the story moves along for her, sometimes control just barely in her grasp, which adds an increasingly compelling edge to an already fraught story line. The ending is heartbreaking and intense.

Two quick notes on series order: I couldn’t decide if I should read book 6 or skip to book 7 to see what happens next (book 6 runs mostly parallel, time-wise, to book 5), but I decided to stick with the order. Second, I have not yet read the prequel novellas (book 0.5 - the library just got it in for me, but I couldn’t wait to read book 5), and I wish that I had read that one prior to reading this book. Several characters emerge who have relevant back stories.

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