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Something Fabulous by Alexis Hall


This book is absolutely delightful. The writing is as hilariously snarky and irreverent as I have come to expect from Alexis Hall. He’s one of those authors who just has a way with words that clicks for me, that gets to the essence of emotions or situations or relationships in a way I haven’t heard yet. I read passages, even ones meant to be silly, and I think, yes exactly like that! I never would have thought to say it that way, but that is exactly what I feel.

And silly this book is, that’s the whole point. Though interwoven with intimately accurate observations, the gist is meant to be over-the-top and nearly absurd. Because of this, I could get past my annoyance of one of the characters (Arabella) as she made a dramatic hash of things - not entirely unfounded, but she doesn’t really get any comeuppance from her dramatics other than a slight dose of guilt in the end. I also could forgive the ganging up on the main character’s carefully ordered life. He’s the only one with real responsibilities, albeit privileged ones, and it’s a bit annoying that the other characters don’t give him some credit for being a responsible, if somewhat boring, Duke. In Satisfaction Guaranteed (by Karelia Stetz-Waters), I couldn’t forgive this story line - the MC was working so hard to keep things together and the others were making a mess of it all, and yet the hardworking, organized woman was in the wrong?!? - but in this book, it’s excusable because the whole story is meant to be overdramatic. The characters are also so likable and oddly relatable that it’s easy to overlook minor quibbles. Definitely recommend this one if you need a light, silly read.

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