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Talk Bookish To Me by Kate Bromley


The gist is, romance novelist re-meets her college ex and the love of her life. I have to admit, there were moments where this seemed predictable…and then suddenly it wasn’t. That’s generally a good thing, though it was heartbreaking at several points. It’s an HEA, but a rough ride to get there.

One issue: some of the characters didn’t feel fully fleshed out, and they sort of popped up when they were needed to advance the plot but not in other parts where they might have been logical.

In the end, though, the twists and turns made the main characters feel surprisingly real, flaws and all. Some people may take issue with Ryan’s decision-making, but he made a lot of sense to me.

Last side note, perhaps a spoiler: the MF friendship side story is really excellent. You don’t see that nearly enough in books, unless one of them is gay.

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