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The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee


I won’t lie, I was sucked in by the cover. Then I started reading, and the main character (Monty) is so unlikable at first, I almost didn't finish the book. I kept reading, though, and as his back story becomes clear and the main plot unfolds, this is really a great book.

The story vacillates between nearly silly moments and much more serious plot points, which makes you want to keep reading to see where the author will take you next. The characters’ diversity (one is Black and has a chronic illness, one is a young woman, one is bisexual) is a definite plot strength, and the way in which Monty’s relative privilege in the world is discussed, while still being sensitive to the trials he has faced, is well done. I’m planning to read the other books in this series to find out more about the other two siblings, because now I’m intrigued!

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