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The One You Really Want by Jill Mansell


This book is primarily about a woman, Nancy, who finds out her husband has been cheating on her, so she leaves to go stay with a rich friend, Carmen, who is also a widow. But I didn’t realize that it would tell the stories of the friend who all end up staying in the house, including her mother, Rosa, and the friend’s brother-in-law, Rennie. Honestly, Carmen’s love life story is more compelling than Nancy’s, as she navigates being a rich widow in the dating world.

The book is entertaining, the characters are likable and somewhat relatable, but what really made this book for me was the humor. There are several subplots that have unexpected twists, and the results are incredibly hilarious. I laughed so much, I will overlook one of Rennie’s later subplots that felt wholly unnecessary.

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