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This Could Change Everything
by Jill Mansell

“”It’s just…I don’t understand how life can be like it is.” OK, here came the pent-up emotions tumbling out. “Because there are so many awful people in the world, but nothing bad ever seems to happen to them. … They just carry on being awful and getting away with it. And then there are the really good people who never do anything bad, but something terrible comes along and blows their lives apart. They don’t deserve it, but it happens anyway, and it’s just so unfair.”” (p. 167)


“Scarlett surveyed him with fascination. “And how much does she mean to you?”

“Oh God.” He exhaled heavily. “Everything. And I can’t believe I just told you that. This isn’t the way things usually are for me.”” (p. ??)


““Time to have that talk with Essie,” she told him kindly. …

He still looked wary.

“Trust me, I’m not wrong. Why are you so scared?”

Lucas pushed his fingers through his dark hair and said simply, “Because it matters so much.”” (p. 334)

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